About Me

chris-bio-200Where it all began… At 16 years old I volunteered my time at the SPCA. It was amazing working with all those animals! But it was also heart breaking at times. After bringing two rather large dogs into my family home, I had been put on the doggy band wagon. No more dogs! No more dogs?! How on earth was I going to cope when those poor animals didn’t get adopted and the unthinkable was about to happen? So it was time to move on, move on to a job that was always happy! And as an added bonus I was able to bring my 2 big beautiful dogs to work with me! I started to volunteer my time at a dog  grooming salon! It was amazing! I had never been happier in my life. As it turned out my part time volunteer job turned into a real weekend and summer job. After I graduated from high school it became a fulltime job. I learned all the tricks of the trade over the next few years. Attending seminars and courses wherever they were available…  And finally the payoff, I became I.P.G., C.M.G certified. (International Professional Groomers) (Certified Master Groomer)

In 1997, I opened K-9 Korner, I was originally located in a busy strip mall in North Langley. A few short years later I became a mom at that time I relocated my grooming salon into my home where I could downsize slightly and enjoy a bit more of my baby…. Almost 16 years later and ever so slightly older myself, my baby is no longer a baby and I am ready and available to start preforming at full capacity again.

Being a home based business has been wonderful for me as well as for all my furry friends. Most of the dogs that come to K-9 Korner take comfort in the home environment as opposed to the busy strip mall I was once located in. And at the convenience of my clients, location and parking are never an issue!

At K-9 Korner, we treat every dog as though they were our own. We provide a gentle happy environment for your pooch during their beauty treatment!