Tips and How To’s


When to start grooming your dog

Starting your puppy on a regular grooming schedule at a very young age is the single most important way of ensuring that they will grow to love it! Puppies don’t experience the same kind of fear as older dogs do. As opposed to the anxiety some older animals may feel about their grooming, puppies learn to, if not love it, tolerate it with no negative emotion. For those who start their puppies on a regular grooming routine at a young age know that it is a successful way of allowing your pooch to love the pampering.

In home grooming

Grooming your pooch at home is also very important for animals of all ages. Familiarise your beloved companion with regular brushing. Playing with their paws from the beginning will lessen their tension about having a stranger give them their routine mani and pedi! Noises such as blow driers, buzzing, and vacuum cleaners are also a great idea to introduce at a young age. A confident dog is a happy dog!
Brushing and combing
The two tools I always recommend for 99% of dogs is a slicker brush and a straight metal comb. Unless you have a show dog that needs to be groomed daily with a pin brush, the slicker is the way to go! You can pick up these two items at any pet store, and most likely even in the pet section of your local grocery store.

Bath time

If you plan to bath your dog at home, a high quality shampoo is very important. I know everyone likes to save a buck, but those cheap shampoos could cause a sensitive dog unbearable itching and scaling of the skin. If you find a shampoo that you love and your pooch reacts positively to it, then DON’T switch it up. Stick with what works! As my dad would always say,” if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”! Stick with what works! A high quality re-moisturizing conditioner is always a good idea as well.


Since dog’s nails grow in a curve, allowing them to get too long will cause them to splay or twist their paws when they walk. This can be very uncomfortable and can ultimately lead to broken nails or worse yet broken toes. Regular nail clipping can prevent this, as well as reduce the risk of torn nails. It can also save on wear and tear of your floors and carpeting.